get THE eb2-NIW Visa

The EB2 part of the Visa is a visa is for people with special unique abilities. The core of that part is to fulfill 3 of 6 requirements minimum.

The NIW part of the VISA stand for National Interest Waiver. It efficiently waives the need to have a job offer in the USA, and you petition for Immigration Status (Green Card) based on it being in the interest of USA to grant it.

What does this mean? It means we need to prove in the petition that USA benefits economically or socially by giving you a Green Card. Meaning we need to argue that your presence in the USA will produce jobs, income or benefit the society.

When your petition is approved, it gives you the right to apply for a green card. Either through an immigration VISA by the nearest US Embassy, or through a Change of Status, should you already be in the USA.

When you receive this green card, you are free to apply for any job and settle anywhere you want.

Note that once you receive the green card, you can not leave the USA for more than 12 months, and you eligible to file a tax return in the USA on world wide income.
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